Stunt double for Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen's stunt double, Martin Coops, has worked closely with the actor on several film productions.

The Danish actor is incredibly talented, there's no doubt about that with the astonishing career he has both in Denmark and around the world.

"Mads is one of the most down to earth people I've ever met - he knows his stuff and he's also super skilled at moving. That's why he performs many of his stunts himself, but when it's a little extra tricky or too risky, I've had the honor of performing his stunts on various film productions." says stuntman Martin Coops from Team JIYO.

The first time Martin had to stunt double for Mads Mikkelsen was on a commercial for BoConcept. Among other things, Martin had to do an oblique "wallflip" where he runs sideways up a wall and lands on a bed.

On this page, you can watch the commercial "The Fight" by the furniture company "Bo Concept". You can also see some "Behind The Scenes" pictures from some of the productions where Mads & Martin have worked together.

Play video about THE FIGHT with Mads Mikkelsen & BoConcept