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As the pioneers of parkour and freerunning in Denmark, we have worked on many exciting projects where we always bring our expertise in parkour and freerunning.

Design of Parkour Park

JIYO designed the world's first official parkour park "JIYO Parken", which was inaugurated in Ørestad in Copenhagen in August 2009. The park was made in close collaboration with By & Havn.

The park quickly became world famous when it was featured in the documentary "MY PLAYGROUND" (by film director Kaspar Astrup Schroder), which toured the world at film festivals.

When building a parkour park, there are many things that need to be taken into account to ensure that safety is top notch and that what is being built can actually be used for parkour.

Watch the film below "JIYO Parkour Park - a playground in the city", where we see the development of one of the world's most iconic Parkour Parks, from idea to drawings to the realization of a parkour facility in the heart of Copenhagen.

Play video about Parkourpark - a playground in the city

Understanding a Parkour Park

A Parkour Park is a safe, stimulating environment, richly equipped with a variety of physical challenges. These challenges, designed to inspire parkour, can range from simple to complex structures and appeal to a wide range of skill levels. A Parkour Park is a creative playground where everyone can challenge and expand their limits.

The value of a Parkour Park

Creating a Parkour Park in your community can have significant benefits. It provides local children and young people with a positive and engaging leisure environment and can help strengthen the overall community. A Parkour Park can be a meeting place for different generations and promote cohesion in your local area.

Safety in a Parkour Park

One of the main focus areas when talking about a parkour park is safety. It's important to design a park that takes into account the safety of all users without compromising the freedom and challenge that parkour offers. Every structure and obstacle in a parkour park is designed with user safety in mind, with appropriate padding and high-quality materials. In addition, users are encouraged to develop and strengthen their techniques gradually to prevent injury and ensure they have fun and get the most out of the park.

Safety is also an integral part of our design process. We work closely with the local community, parkour experts and safety consultants to ensure that every parkour park we develop is both challenging and safe. In addition, we provide regular maintenance and inspection to maintain a high standard of safety in our parkour parks.

Investing in a Parkour Park is therefore not only an investment in physical activity and community, but also in the safety and well-being of children and young people in your local community. With a Parkour Park, you're sure to have a safe and exciting place where children and young people can develop their skills, express themselves creatively and build confidence.

Unique design creates amazing opportunities for movement

"If you want to design a parkour park, it's important to consult experts in parkour and freerunning who have experience with parkour design, otherwise you risk the parkour park being unusable or - in the worst case scenario - dangerous for those who use it." [ Martin Coops, Team JIYO ]

Click on the video below to watch the opening of JIYO Park, which was inaugurated in August 2009 in Ørestad, Copenhagen. The inauguration of one of the world's largest parkour facilities was closely followed by media and news channels from all over the world, here you can get a brief insight into the opening day on a hot summer day in August.

Play video about Crown Prince Frederik inaugurates the JIYO Parkour park

When we design parkour parks and facilities, we always make sure to design something unique. The parkour parks we have designed all over Denmark and Scandinavia are always tailored to the target group for which the facility is intended.

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Design and development of a Parkour Park

Creating a parkour park is a painstaking process that requires in-depth understanding and experience. It's essential to design an environment that is both safe and challenging, appealing to different age groups and skill levels. We are proud of our many years of experience in creating Parkour Parks, and we prioritize community involvement in the design process to ensure that the Parkour Park meets local needs and expectations.

Investing in a Parkour Park

Investing in a Parkour Park is a long-term investment in your local community. It's an investment in the health, well-being and development of children and young people. A Parkour Park can transform underutilized or neglected areas into active and vibrant community spaces. It's a powerful affirmation to young people that they are valued and that their activities are important.

If you're interested in finding out how a Parkour Park can enrich your community, please contact us. Together, let's create a space for movement, challenge and unity. Whether you represent a municipality, an association or are just an engaged citizen, we can help you bring the vision of a Parkour Park to life. With a Parkour Park, every day becomes an adventure journey full of physical activity and learning.

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