JIYO is not just a name, it's a philosophy

The word JIYO is a Japanese/Chinese Buddhist term that, when translated, means "to use yourself." This simple yet profound phrase is significant in JIYO's approach to movement and life.


In Buddhism

the concept of 'Ji' or 'self' is closely linked to the idea of self-awareness and mindfulness. By understanding and being in harmony with oneself, one can find true freedom and liberation. This is where the second part of the word, "Yo," comes in. "Yo" means "to use," and when combined with "Ji," it encourages us to use ourselves to our full potential.

At JIYO, we strive to inspire people to move, to experience the freedom and joy of movement, to see possibilities instead of limitations, and to use themselves to their full potential. It's not just about the physical movement, but also the mental and spiritual side of it.



we believe in the power of movement to create this kind of freedom and self-awareness. Our core philosophy is "Freedom in Motion," which is about constantly seeing possibilities instead of limitations. With this mindset, we strive to find possibilities in all kinds of movement, whether it's parkour, freerunning, breakdancing or even everyday life.

We believe that by embracing the philosophy of JIYO, we can not only improve our physical abilities, but also our mental and spiritual wellbeing. It's about finding joy in movement and using ourselves to our full potential, both physically and mentally.

It's about finding joy, freedom and liberation in movement.


MC Clemens
MC ClemensRapper & musician
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"Team JIYO are the hottest, best looking and most incredible boys you could ever put in a monkey zoo. My warmest recommendations and thanks for a huge effort in my two latest music videos "Vi Ejer Natten" and "Har Det Godt"
Hadi Ka-Koush
Hadi Ka-KoushActor & TV host
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"I've been following JIYO for many years - it's INSANE what you have achieved in your field and I have to take my hat off to you for what you manage to accomplish time and time again!"
Jan Gintberg
Jan GintbergComedian
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"What you can do is REALLY something else than gymnastics from when I was a boy.....
Crown Prince Frederik
Crown Prince FrederikHis Royal Highness
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"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Team JIYO several times and I have to say that I am really fascinated by the way you move. Some of your techniques are reminiscent of when I was a frogman myself."
Christian Stadil
Christian StadilDirector of Hummel
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"What makes Team JiYo different from others is that they are so active. And they're smart guys, besides being able to dance, fight and do parkour. Annoyingly multi-talented in a really cool way!"
Bent Fabricius-Bjerre
Bent Fabricius-BjerreMusician
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"Very nice artist number and very well choreographed!"
BubberTV Host
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"There's no doubt that Team JiYo are masters of circular kicks and then there's the somersaults!"
Etta Cameron
Etta CameronMusician
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"You were incredibly cool and amazing. You get a BIG 5 from me!"
Anders Lund Madsen
Anders Lund MadsenComedian & Commentator
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"It's great to see these bodies at play, it makes you want to do parkour!"