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Specially designed Parkour equipment - designed for movement.

Parkour Equipment and Parkour Racks: Create your own Urban Training Area.

Parkour equipment for all levels

Welcome to our website where we focus on parkour equipment and stands. We are passionate about promoting parkour - a unique sport that combines physical endurance, courage, agility and creativity. Whether you're new to parkour or have years of experience, you'll find that the right equipment can take your practice to new heights.

What are Parkour Equipment and Parkour Racks?

Parkour equipment and stands are specially designed training tools that can be used to mimic the challenges parkour practitioners often face in urban environments. They can include everything from simple balance beams and logs to more complex modules and obstacle courses that can be customized to suit your specific training needs.

Benefits of investing in Parkour Equipment and Racks

  1. Personalization: Parkour equipment and stands allow you to create a training area that is perfectly suited to your individual needs and skills. You can adjust the layout and difficulty level according to your own pace and skill level, ensuring a continuous and safe progression.

  2. Increased Safety: While parkour is often practiced in the urban landscape, it can be unpredictable and dangerous at times. Parkour equipment and stands are designed with safety in mind, providing you with a safe and controlled environment to train in.

  3. Exercise all year round: Weather conditions and time of year can often limit your outdoor exercise options. With parkour equipment and stands in your own home or on your own property, you can train all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

  4. Save time: Instead of spending time searching for the perfect place to parkour in your local area, you can spend that time practicing with parkour equipment and stands at home.

  5. Social environment: A personal parkour area can create a great social environment. Invite friends to train together, share your skills and discover new techniques. A safe and accessible training space can turn parkour into a social sport.

Parkour equipment - tested and developed by professional parkour practitioners.

Here you'll find a wide range of parkour equipment and stands to help you create your own unique parkour environment. From beginner to advanced, we have something for everyone. Our products are designed to be durable, safe and to promote the development of your parkour skills. We're here to help you on your parkour journey, wherever it may take you.

If you're ready to take your parkour training to the next level, it's time to invest in quality parkour equipment and stands. Contact us for more information about our products or browse our online catalog to start creating your own personal parkour training area today.


With these parkour tools, you'll get better and better day by day - the parkour tools are designed to benefit parkour clubs, parkour associations and instructors alike. They are also available for private purchase.

The tools can be ordered here in the Parkourshop.

Are you in need of parkour equipment?

See Parkourshoppens selection by clicking below. We at Team JIYO have designed and tested all their equipment.


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"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Team JIYO several times and I have to say that I am really fascinated by the way you move. Some of your techniques are reminiscent of when I was a frogman myself."
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"What makes Team JiYo different from others is that they are so active. And they're smart guys, besides being able to dance, fight and do parkour. Annoyingly multi-talented in a really cool way!"
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