The Royal House and JIYO

Team JIYO has established a strong relationship with the Danish Royal Family through several performances and personalized training.

Team JIYO's performances for the Royal House have been a huge success and have led to several requested performances for the Royal Family. The team is known for their professional and energetic presentations, which have been a source of inspiration and motivation for the Royal Family.

The team's training has also been a great success and Prince Nikolaj and Prince Felix have learned many new skills through their training with Martin Coops, JIYO's founder. Their physical and mental capacities have been strengthened and this has helped them to push their limits.

Good relationships over the years

Team JIYO has performed for the Royal House on several occasions, including Prince Nikolaj's confirmation and the opening of the world's first official parkour park, JIYO Parken in Ørestad, Copenhagen, where His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik was also present. Team JIYO performed for the Crown Prince and the audience and showed the Crown Prince around the park.

Team JIYO has a very good relationship with the Danish Royal Family.